Terms and conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights and obligations between the company and the users in using the communication broker service provided by OKVIT (http://okvit.com), the website operated by the Connectwave (hereinafter referred to as the "service"), the purchasing agent service provided through the OKVIT mobile application, and the overseas delivery agency service related to each service (hereinafter referred to as the "service")

Article 2 (Definition)
① "OKVIT" refers to a virtual place of business we established to offer goods and services to members based on this contract with information and communication equipment such as computer. Also, “OKVIT" refers to all the goods and services we offer.
② "Users" refer to both members and non-members who purchase the services we offer, by accessing the OKVIT.
③ "Members" refer to the individuals who entered the required information to use our services and completed the membership procedure after agreeing to these terms and conditions.
④ “Sellers” refer to the individuals who sell goods or services to OKVIT members via their online shopping malls and products at OKVIT.
⑤ “OKVIT Shop” refer to the online shopping malls operated by sellers.
⑥ "Overseas delivery agency services" refer to domestic and overseas delivery services we provide as an agent to allow overseas members to purchase our goods via Korean shopping malls. We take the goods our members purchase at OKVIT Shop to OKVIT logistics center and deliver them to the overseas address.
⑦ "Purchasing agency service" means "OKVIT service" that is only available through the "OKVIT app" when a member living abroad connects to the OKVIT mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the "OKVIT app") and requests a purchase of product from the Korean Internet shopping mall linked to the "OKVIT app" on behalf of the member.

Article 3 (Validity and Revision of Contract)
① This contract takes into effect on the effective date when it is notified to users via our services, email, or other methods.
② We may revise the terms of this contract when deemed necessary for important business or other reasons, within the scope that does not violate the related laws.
③ We may revise the terms of this contract and when we do so, we will notify the effective date and reason for revision. We will post them on the initial screen of our service website, along with previous terms, 7 days prior to the effective date; the terms will be posted till the day before the effective date.
④ When users do not agree to the revised terms, they may terminate our service use or the contract. If they continue to use our services even after the effective date of the revised terms, we will consider it as they have agreed to the revised terms.

Article 4 (Other Standards)
Matters that are not defined by this contract and interpretation of the contract will be subject to our separate service notification. When no related content is found in the notification, they will be subject to the following: law on consumer protection in transactions including electronic commerce; law on contract regulation; other related laws of Korea.

Article 5 (Membership Application)
① Member registration is done when users accept our membership application, this contract, and our Privacy Policy.
② When someone signs up for membership, we assume that all the information on the application is true and valid. Thus, members who gave false information cannot receive legal protection during all disputes and accidents related to the information throughout their service usage, whether it was a mistake or not. Also, they are liable to compensate us and a third party for the damages they incurred.

Article 6 (Approval and Refusal of Membership Application)
① We approve the membership application mentioned in Article 5 in the order of submission, unless there are special circumstances.
② We may limit the approval of membership application in the following cases and delay the approval until the issues are solved.
   A. When there is insufficient capacity of service-related equipment
   B. When there are technical failures
   C. If the applicant has lost membership in the past, based on Article 10 Section 2 of this contract
   D. When there is false, omitted, or wrong information on the application
   E. Other cases when deemed necessary

Article 7 (Revision of Member Information)
When the registered information of a member needs to be changed, he or she should notify it to us via OKVIT services immediately. We take no responsibility for damages of our members or a third party that occurred due to failure to comply with this Article or negligence.

Article 8 (Account Management Obligation of Members)
① Members have the responsibility to manage their ID and password and are not allowed to transfer, lend, or offer them to a third party as collateral.
② When members detect that their ID and password are being used by a third party, they should immediately notify it to us and follow our guidance.
③ In case of Section 2 above, we take no responsibility for damages that occurred due to failure to notify it to us or to follow our guidance upon notification.

Article 9 (Obligation of Members)
① Members shall not engage in the following acts.
   A. Notifying or registering false information upon registration or revision of the content
   B. Stealing the information of others
   C. Changing the information posted by us
   D. Sending or posting information (including computer programs) besides the one designated by us
   E. Violating the intellectual property rights of us or a third party such as copyrights
   F. Damaging the reputation of us or a third party and interfering with our duties
   G. Showing or posting the following materials via “services”: pornographic or violent messages; video; voice; other information against public order and morals
   H. Other illegal or improper acts
② Members shall comply with our advice and notifications in connection with related laws, terms of this contract, and our services. Also, they shall not engage in any acts that interfere with our business.
③ When members violate the terms of this contract, we may limit their use of our services immediately.

Article 10 (Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification)
① Members can request their withdrawal of membership anytime and we will handle it immediately upon request. However, we will handle it after their paid service or transaction in progress is completed.
② In the following cases, we may limit or cancel the membership.
   A. When a member entered false information during registration
   B. When a member violated the Article 9 of this contract
   C. When there are issues with our equipment or technical failures
   D. Other cases when deemed necessary

Article 11 (Notification to Members)
①The company can notify the members by using a notice of the initialization of the service and put email by the member at the time of application.
② In the case of an unspecified number of notifications, the company may notify the details on the initial screen of the service for one week and may replace individual notices.

Article 12 (Service Types and Revision)
① The types of services the company offers are as follows:
   A. Only services for the "OKVIT" website (PC/mobile)
    - Communications broker service (providing Internet shopping malls and product information)
    - CS service
   B. Only service for "OKVIT app"
    - Purchase agent service
   C. Overseas Shipping Agency Service
   D. Other Related Services"
② The types of services we offer may change depending on our management policy, and the revised content will be notified with methods specified in Article 11 Section 2.

Article 13 (Service Usage)
① General information
   A. Service use is immediately available from the time the company approves the member's service application. However, only Article 16 may delay the date.
   B. The service hours can be used 24 hours a day, without any special reasons or business or technical difficulties of the company. However, the use of the service may be restricted by Article 16.
② Communications Sales Brokerage Service
In case a user purchases a registered product in using the service, Seller information displayed in the payment window of the product is displayed as the information of the sales member who actually registers and sells the product.
③ Purchase agent service
   A. Request to search and purchase products
    - Users can access and log in to the ""OKVIT App"" and search and retrieve the products of the linked shopping mall that the users want to purchase through the search and lookup method provided by the service.
    - The users can request the company to purchase the products they want to purchase, and by paying the purchase agency fee notified to the users, the purchase agency contract for the products is made.
    - You can check the details of the purchase agent requests in ""My Page"" within the service
   B. Purchase agent cost
   - For products that the user has requested for purchase agency, the user shall select the product information selected by the user and calculate the cost required for purchase based on the product information of the linked shopping mall and inform the user through the service.
   - The purchasing agency costs include the actual sale price of the products at the relevant shopping mall, the various taxes levied on the purchase of the products, all the necessary expenses for the purchase of the products, and the company's agency fees included.
   - The company does not provide the service until the purchase agent fee is paid, and can immediately cancel the service if payment of the service fee is refused, such as a credit card claim being rejected.
   C. Resolve purchasing agents of products
- Unless otherwise agreed with the user, the company shall begin purchasing the product within three business days of the user's request.
- The company shall check the product status after it arrives at the place designated by the company and notify the user of any abnormalities.
- If the purchase agent product that has been purchased is found to be a product that is different from or defective from the user's request during the product verification process, the company notifies the service to the user and decides how to handle the product through consultation.
- Until the above notice to the users, the company retains responsibility and authority for the purchase agent product, but from the moment the purchase agent is notified to the users that the purchase agent has been completed normally, the responsibility and rights for the product are transferred to the users, The Company shall not be held liable for any subsequent problems that have not been caused by the Company.
- In the event that the company is unable to purchase products requested by the users due to changes in product information, such as the product's sale or price, and errors in other vendors' circumstances or services, the company notifies the user about this and cancels the request for the purchasing agent. The company refunded the entire purchase agent cost received from the user.

Article 14 (Service Fees)
① We offer both paid and free services, and the fee details are indicated at each service.
② Our service fees may be changed based on our policy.

Article 15 (Coupon)
① When members purchase goods at OKVIT Shop through our services, we may provide coupons that give them a discount of a certain amount or percentage upon their repurchase based on our policy.
② We may restrict the use of coupons depending on the place of usage, item, or the purchase amount.
③ Details on offering and using the coupons are subject to our policy, which we notify to members through OKVIT service page.
④ Members can use the coupons only within the specified period.
⑤ Members can use coupons only for their own transactions and shall not sell, transfer or offer them to others; they shall not engage in similar activities either in any case.
⑥ When members obtain coupons improperly or illegitimately, they shall not use them, and we may take them away. Also, orders placed with illegitimate use of coupons may be cancelled.
Article 16 (Suspension of Services)
In the following cases, we may suspend all or part of our services.
① When it is unavoidable due to construction such as maintenance of our service equipment
② When a mobile carrier suspended telecommunication services during the period specified in Telecommunications Business Act
③ When normal service usage is problematic due to abnormal situations such as national emergency, service equipment failure, and excessive traffic
④ In case of malicious activities of others based on network risks

Article 17 (Signing and Rejecting Delivery Agency Contract)
① The delivery agency contract between our company and members is signed through the following procedures.
   A. The member purchases the product using the OKVIT Checkout function of the OKVIT Shop or applies for the purchasing agency through the "OKVIT App" and send the product in the OKVIT Logistics Center (the ownership rights of the product shall be attributed to the user as soon as the product is brought into the logistics center). By paying the shipping fee notified by the company, the contract between the company and the customer shall be concluded. At that time, the contracting party for the transport of the products purchased by the user is the company and the company is responsible for receiving, delivering, and storing the products in connection with the product received in the logistics center after the signing of the contract.
   B. Since signing the contract means that the member delegated the entire process of international delivery to us, the member should accept our request during the delivery process.
② We may not approve the contract in the following cases upon application from a member.
   A. When there is false, omitted, or wrong information on the application
   B. When a member requests delivery of goods banned by related laws or this contract
   C. Other cases when signing the contract is deemed to interfere with our management or technology

Article 18 (Inspection of Goods and Shipping Restrictions)
① We inspect the goods taken to OKVIT logistics center in Korea. It is a simple inspection procedure, where we check whether the order details match the goods taken to the center in terms of item and quantity and whether the item can be delivered overseas; it is not a procedure to check whether the item is defective or has other issues. If necessary, we may open, change, or replace the package of goods without notification to the member.
② In the following cases, we may send the goods at the OKVIT logistics center back to the seller after notifying the member. As for the cost of return, it may be charged to the member or covered by us after handling the goods on our own.
   A. animal; gold or silver bullion; money; pharmaceutical product; weapon; human body part; pornography; precision metal; stone material; refrigerated goods; goods that require freezing or refrigeration; explosives; flammable hazardous materials
   B. Items banned from importing, exporting, or air transport
   C. When deemed not appropriate to provide our services based on this contract due to missing information on the invoice, poor packaging, etc.
   D. Goods of which the imports and exports are restricted by law
   E. When the address of the member and product delivery is unclear
③ Our overseas delivery agency services are only for members who will use the goods themselves. Therefore, members who will sell the goods or engage in business activities may face restrictions in their service usage.

Article 19 (Paying for Shipping Charge)
① The member shall pay the shipping fee requested by the company within 14 days of the billing date after the products purchased or the products he requested for the agency were received into the OKVIT Logistics Center in Korea.
② If the shipping charge is not paid within the due date specified in Section 1, the goods will not be sent to the member. In that case, we will charge a small amount of goods storage fee until the shipping charge is paid ($5.00 on the 15th day from the billing date and $1.00 a day afterwards), along with delay damage cost.
③ We take no responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of goods that occurred after 30 days from the billing date. After 60 days from the billing date, we may handle the goods on our own to cover the storage fee.
④ As for shipping charge payment, members may use a credit card or another method approved by us.

Article 20 (Customs Clearance)
As for customs clearance of each country, it shall be handled by members, and we do not offer the agency service. Depending on the item or purchase amount, taxes may be incurred upon clearance at each country. The members shall pay the taxes as taxpayers.

Article 21 (Return of Goods)
① Members can apply for an exchange or return for purchasing goods only within seven days from the day of receipt of goods. However, if the item is damaged or removed tag, it excluded
② Return costs and return fees in accordance with the exchange / refund a simple change of mind by the member will pay. However, products damaged or wrong delivery is an exception.
③ The procedure and cost of requesting return of goods in Section 1 above are as follows.
   A. The member can apply for a return via OKVIT service.
   B. The return fee is $7.00. Once we notify the fee and shipping charge to a member, he or she shall pay them in full within 5 days of the notification date.
   C. Members must full pay their bill within 5 working days from our notification, if member do not pay your bill within that period, they will not be returned.
④ Made to order goods of member will not be canceled and refunded because of characteristic of the goods. However, products damaged or wrong delivery is an exception.
⑤ Member received products with free delivery through free shipping notifications in service page, if member’s order is not enough to the free shipping criteria result from partly returns and exchanges, we can charge to member about exemption delivery fee. However, products damaged or wrong delivery is an exception.
⑥ When Member have cancellation and refund of the purchased goods, they can a loss or a profit with exchange rate changes, the loss or profit is attributable to the member and we will not be held liable for anything.

Article 22 (Emergency Measures)
① When a member is deemed to use our services for illegal, illegitimate or improper purposes, we have the right to refuse to send or deliver the goods.
② When an employing authority raises issues with the goods delivered through OKVIT services, we will transfer the goods to them.
③ When the goods sent to the OKVIT logistics center in Korea are deemed to have an abnormity such as odor and liquid leak or need emergency measures, or there is a valid reason, we will notify it to the member and may take temporary measures such as storing the goods in a separate place. In that case, the member shall be liable to cover the cost needed.
④ Even if a member is inflicted with damage due to Section 1 or 3 above, we do not take any responsibility for the damage, and the member shall be still liable to pay the service fees and related costs.

Article 23 (Our Obligations)
We have the obligation to continue our services with our best efforts in a stable manner, according to laws and this contract.

Article 24 (Relationship between “us” and “OKVIT Shop”)
① We only perform the role of connecting sellers and members by displaying and advertising the products of online shopping mall (OKVIT Shop) affiliated with us via OKVIT website. However, we may submit/ request customer inquiries on behalf of members to OKVIT Shop upon request.
② We take no responsibility for the goods or services offered by OKVIT Shop to members and bear no guarantee responsibility for the transaction between OKVIT Shop and members.
③ The regulations in this section apply only to services dedicated to the "OKVIT" website (PC/mobile).

Article 25 (Copyright Ownership and Restrictions on Use)
① We hold copyright and other intellectual property rights for all writings we created.
② The users shall not allow the company to use the information attributable to intellectual property rights for profit or use it to third parties by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing or broadcasting without prior consent from the company.

Article 26 (Compensation for Damages)
① We only take responsibility for the damage and loss of goods that occurred during the delivery from OKVIT logistics center to the address of members.
② Compensation for damages related to Section 1 will be done only if they occurred due to our deliberate acts or negligence, which have to be proven. The maximum compensation will be the total purchase amount indicated by members on their delivery application (amount paid at shopping mall).

Article 27 (Disclaimer)
① As for product inspection indicated in Article 18 Section 1, we do not check whether the goods are defective or have any other issues and do not ensure their quality.
② The compensation related to defects/ issues of goods shall be handled between buyers and sellers based on their contract and we do not take any responsibility for it.
③ When the delivery address is changed, members shall notify it to us via OKVIT service immediately. We take no responsibility for damages resulting from failure or negligence to do so.
④ The provisions of paragraphs ① and ②of this section do not apply to "purchase agency services" through the "OKVIT App".

Article 28 (Dispute Resolution)
① We establish and operate a damage compensation office to reflect fair opinions and complaints of users and compensate for their damages.
② We strive to handle the complaints and suggestions from users as a first priority.

* Supplementary Provision
This contract is effective on 31 ,12 , 2019