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JVLLY Jacket 1074531

Jacket 1074531



C Con***

First of all, please reconsider ordering from this place. I ordered a bunch of clothes for $597 usd, the items I received from the order, 2 items looked nothing like the pictures. The coat was bad quality and if you go to TaoBao you can find the same coat for 1/3 of the price. They are taking Chinese products and slapping on a "Korean" name. They told me I could return it, so I sent them through mail, which costed me $140 for shipping, but once it arrived, they said they can't refund me. It took too long, hello? We are in a pandemic right now? The package they sent me took over 2 months...what kind of company is this? It's unfortunate because I've been using this website since 2016, these owners don't know how to be empathic, especially during a pandemic. It was so ugly i I couldn't even take picture of it. Please check out SmthingSweet if you want to actually have good customer service and they offer the same brands.