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UNIVERSE 3rd Membership Shipping Notice


UNIVERSE 3rd Membership Shipping Notice





Dear customer,

This is OKVIT customer service.



UNIVERSE 3rd Membership(oversea delivery) Gift Boxes are delivered to warehouse today.

Orders are shipped out from warehouse on a first-come, first-served basis in 1~2 weeks.


To make sure shipping of your order goes normal, you should pay attention to the following​:



1) Shipping Address

Since it has been long time after you purchased it, please check shipping address again and make sure it is still available for you.

* If order shipped out from warehouse, change shipping information is impossible.



2) Additional Shipping Fee

UNIVERSE 3rd Membership​ is a KPOP item. If your parcel's weight over 4kg, additional shipping fee will be charged.

If your order stuck on "International shipping fee charged" section over 3 business days, please check inbox of your email to find whether there is a additional shipping fee charged email.



3) Countries and Regions Unavailable to Ship


Shipping to some countries and regions are unavailable at this moment due to COVID19.

You can refer to 'Countries and Regions Unavailable to Ship' (Click here to check) 

If it is convenient for you to change shipping address to available countries and regions, please reply us.

If not, we can keep the parcel for you until covid19 situation becomes better.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,​