#4 New Album of MonstaX check the unboxing video
  • Date : 2018.04.03
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New Album of MONSTA X

MONSTA X has dropped an album for their upcoming mini album 
“The Connect” at 26th, Mar. through album sites. 
It’s been came back along after 4 months since ‘Dramarama’, the title song of ‘THE CODE’ which was released at last November.


Monsta X title track for 'MONSTA X 6th Mini Album 'THE CONNECT' is "Jealousy“.
It has influenced by 80s music, punk R&B jam style, hybrid trap, future pop, modern and catchy chorus melody and old-school R&B kind of verses.
This song is about a man’s honest heart who is getting jealousy over someone he likes and powerful style like MX style

#unboxing video

Let’s get this album in OKDGG officially and check the unboxing video of this album through YouTube!

OKDGG team prepared this video for the customers.


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