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Non-refundable KPOP ITEMS
For items stated below are all non-refundable after payment completed.

1) Fan event item
If you joined a fan event by purchasing this item, it is non-refundable right after payment completed.

2) Entered personal information on option
If you entered your name, birthday, phone number, email or other personal information on options, it is non-refundable after payment completed.
Please make sure all information is correct before making payment, since change information is not available.

3) Fanclub membership
If you ordered a fanclub membership recruitment item, it is non-refundable right after payment completed.
All fanclub recruitment items are non-refundable and shipping will start during 1~3 months after order period ended.
Since fanclub membership need your personal information, such as name, birthday and so on, please make sure all information before payment completed.

4) Pre-order item
If you ordered a pre-order item, it is non-refundable once order period ended.
Seller will produce your item after payment period end according to payment list. If you request cancellation after order period end, seller will be impossible to sell it to anyone else.
ex) season greeting, other pre-order items, etc

5) Non-refundable stated on detail page
If non-refundable is stated on detail page, order should be according to it.
OKVIT Working Time
Office of OKVIT.COM located in Korea. Korea time is the reference time we used.

[OKVIT Customer Service Team]

Working Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (Korea Time)
* Day off on Sat, Sun, Korea Public Holiday.

- Questions, which is raised during working time, will be replied in 1~5 hours.
- Questions, which is raised after work, will be replied next day.
- Questions, which is raised during weekends or holiday, will be replied after get back to work.

To customers who lives in USA and Europe >>
Due to time difference, it is not able to reply right away. But we will do the best to reply on next day, after going to the office.

[OKVIT Warehouse Team]

Working Time: 10:00 - 18:00 (Korea Time)
* Day off on Sat, Sun, Korea Public Holiday.
Q. How to contact us?
[Question board PC version]
At the bottom of the homepage, you will see "CONTACT US HERE" button on customer service section.
Click it and go to question board to enter your inquire.

[Question board Mobile & APP version]
Click the side menu, which is on the right top of the main page, right side of cart.
Click "Ask now!" button to make a question to OKVIT CS Team.

In addition, you can send email to help@okvit.com.
** Please do not attach any file on email. If you need to send picture to us, please use Question board.

How to check reply?
[PC version]
Go to "My page">"Message">"Answered completion" section to check reply.
[Mobile & APP version]
Check on PC version or email(inbox as well as junk box)

[Notice About Reply]
OKVIT CS Team located in Korea.
Our business hour is Korea Time 10:00~18:00, Mon.~Fri. (Weekends and holiday day off)
We will do the best to reply you in 24h on business day.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
About your bill of credit card (KG_INICIS)
KG_INICIS is our PG cooperation company. On your bill, our transaction is marked as charged by KG_INICIS, not OKVIT nor the brand you ordered.

If you have any queries about your card bill, we are happy to check it for you.
Q. How long does it take to deliver after make a payment?
Generally, it's take about 7~20 business days to deliver your package, based on local shipping conditions.
In case out of stock, customized item, holiday or other issue, shipping delay may occur.

For more information, please refer to FAQ -> Shipping & Shipping Rate > General Shipping Times and International Shipping Times
Q. What should I do when shipping delay?
Seven or more days passed, but items are still under domestic shipping process :

Seller will prepare all items you ordered and ship them together to OKVIT warehouse.
But in case one or two items you ordered are out of stock and seller need to order them from manufacture, entire order will be delayed.

You can contact OKVIT CS Team to check which item is delayed and when seller estimate to ship them.

In addition, after get feedback from OKVIT CS Team, you can decide whether cancel the delayed item to let remaining items shipped quickly.
Cancel Items or Orders
You can cancel items or orders that haven't entered the international shipping process contact with OKVIT CS Team.

Information needed to process cancellation >>
1) Order number
2) Items' name which you wish to cancel
3) The reason of cancellation
* If you state the reason of cancellation or the problem, CS Team will be able to give you better suggestion to solve this problem.

After submitting the cancellation, we'll send an email to notice you.

Cancellation Process:
1) Submit cancellation request from customer.
2) Transfer the message to seller.
3) Process cancellation and refund by seller.
4) An email is sent to your email address to notice you that cancellation is completed. You can also confirm that the order was cancelled by visiting "My order" page.

1. Message sent after work will get response on next day.
* OKVIT working time is from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm (Korea Time). Day off on Sat, Sun, Public holiday of Korea.
2. Please give sellers 2~3 business days to process cancellation after submitting request.
3. If shop have shipped out your items, cancellation fee will be charged. For more information about cancellation fee, please refer to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund -"Cancellation Fee".
4. Some items are Non-Refundable. For more information about non-refundable, please refer to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund - "Non-Refundable items"
5. For more information about refunds and refund amounts, go to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund - "About Refunds"
Return Items You Ordered
Items shipped from OKVIT.COM can be returned within 5 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Return Policies:

1. Return Cost
If the reason for return is neither a result of an OKVIT.COM nor seller's error, the cost of return should be at your own expense. Return cost include following two sections:
1) International shipping cost to Korea
2) Cancellation fee of $4.5, which deducted from your refund by each shop.

2. In this case, items are not returnable
1) Damaged, defective, signs of use, stains, laundry, applied perfume, repaired, missing tag
2) Pre-order, custom-made, imported items, some of gold and silver products, earrings, underwear, digital Products, tickets, stated non-refundable on detail page
3) Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment

3. How to request return?
Contact with OKVIT CS TEAM (Please refer to "How to contact us")

4. What information should be stated on question board?
1) Order number (ex. K190******)
2) Item's name
3) The reason of return
4) Tell us whether agree with return policy above.

After submitting return, we'll send you a confirmation message and you can find it on My page > Message > Answered completion section.
In the meantime, we will check with seller about whether it is returnable.
When get the feedback from seller, we will send an email to notice you the return address and some attentions.

5. Prepare your package for return.
Pack your item securely and insert "OKVIT Return Label" filled out and ship out the parcel.
* You should ship out your return parcel within 3 days from received return address.
* You should make sure that return parcel will arrive at Korea within 10 days from shipped out.
If not, seller have the right to refuse making refund due to item out of season.

6. Reply us with your tracking number.

About the refund:

After the seller has received your item, it can take up to 1~2 weeks for us to receive and process your return.
When shop received your items and confirmed the condition of items are well, we will send you confirmation message and make a refund.

- Note –
International shipping is different from domestic shipping that it takes a long time to deliver to destination. Please understand, if you keeps products a long time, when it shipped back to Korea, seller is impossible to sell it in normal price due to season off. When you wish to return, please take action ASAP.
1) We suggest you inspect all products right away at the time you received parcel, in case item damaged, wrong item shipped, wish to return or other issue. In case exceed return available period, return is not available regardless any reason. We will highly appreciated if you make request of return at the day you received parcel.
2) You should ship out the parcel in 3 business days after we sent the email of return address. After get the confirmation of return submitted, return address will be sent to you within 2 business days generally. If you have a return request, please check your inbox as well as junk box in time in case didn’t find email and miss the return available time.
3) When ship back the parcel, you should make sure it will delivered to Korea in 10 days. In case shipping delays serious, refund might be not available due to item out of season. Suggest you check the shipping speed with express company in advance.
4) Please be care when try on. In case foundation or lip makeup stained the clothing, refund will be refused by seller, especially collar and neck-line.
Q. Why my order is cancelled without my permission?
If order is cancelled without your request, it should be caused by following reasons
1) Items on OKVIT are sold by individual sellers. Some of them may order items from manufactures after customer purchased items. But for some items, manufactures may have stopped producing when seller place order. It will led to a cancellation without your permission.
But we will do the best to notice you by email, if seller requested.
2) Battery, frozen food, fragile products or items cannot be shipped by air will be cancelled when OKVIT warehouse check and package your order. We will notice you by email about the reason of cancellation.

What should I do if the remaining amount is less than free shipping standard after cancelled?
You don't need to do anything. You will still enjoy free shipping because this problem is caused by provider.
Q. When can I get a refund?
It will take 2~3 weeks to get a refund after cancellation completed.

* Please note that, on your card bill, refund company is KG_INICIS, not OKVIT.
* Refund is processed by each brand seller. If you ordered from 2 sellers and requested to cancel the entire order, you may get refund separately.
Non-Refundable Items
Some items are non-refundable because of characteristic itself.

1) Kpop Items
All of kpop items are non-refundable. For some items, cancellations after payment completed are not allowed.
Most of KPOP items are pre-order items. Customer can order items during pre-order period. After pre-order period, shop will begin to produce items according to order list. If you cancel items during producing period, shop cannot sell it to anyone one else because order period ended.

2) Handmade & Customizable Items
Due to personal configuration, inscription, or design on these products, seller is not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the products are damaged or defective upon arrival. Include customizable shoes, customizable clothes, pre-order jewelry and watches, ect.

3) Underwear
Underwear, sock, legggings, stockings are not refundable on OKVIT, but may be refundable.

4) Imported items (수입)
Imported items are non-refundable after customer placed order. When you placed order, seller need to import it from other countries. Regardless of whether shipped international, when seller order it from overseas, international shipping fee occurs. So, for import items, refund will be impossible right after payment completed.

5) Electronic products
Electronic products are non-refundable after opening the package according to characteristic of electronic products.

6) Stated Non-Refundable on Detail Page
For some items, it stated items are non-refundable on detail page. Or set non-refundable as an option, you can find it when add items into cart(It may be in Korean language, ex. 교환반품 불가 and etc). In this case, items are non-refundable according to the policy of sellers.

7) Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment
Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment, any return and refund will be not available. In case of return, damaged, wrong items or any issue to let you request a refund, you should make sure that contact us within 5 days.

8) Damaged, defective, signs of use, stains, laundry, applied perfume, repaired, missing tag due to customers mistake
I can't receive order comfirmation email from OKVIT
If you didn't receive email from OKVIT.COM, it may due to following problems >>

1) Email is sorted to junk box.
2) Email is denied by your email system.
3) Requested unsubscribe before.
4) The email, which you left as OKVIT account, is incorrect.

What should I do to receive email notice from OKVIT?
1) If your email is sorted into junk box or denied by email system >>
Set help@okvit.com into white list on your email to make sure you will receive all email from help@okvit.com.
2) If you request unsubscribe, you will be not able to receive all emails from OKVIT, include advertising, order notice as well as customer service email. Please your carefully chosen !
3) OKVIT account is your email. But in case it is incorrect, you will be not able to get any email from OKVIT.COM.
点击主页下方“CUSTOMER SERVICE”栏中“CONTACT US HERE”按钮,进入咨询板页面填写咨询信息。

点击右上角购物车旁边的菜单栏,点击”Ask Now!“按钮进行咨询。



中国地区:正常下单后9~17天 / 快递公司 EMS
香港、台湾、澳门:正常下单后4~10天 / 快递公司 顺丰 or EMS

其他国家,请参照Shipping&Shipping Rate > Globel Shipping Times


1. 工作时间结束后发送的信息,将于下一个工作日上午进行回复。
2. OKVIT受理取消之后,卖家会在2~3个工作日内完成商品取消。
3. 当商店已发货时,将收取取消手续费。如想了解更多取消手续费详情,请参考FAQ-"取消&退货&退款"-“取消手续费”。
4. 部分商品属于订购后不受理退换货、取消的商品,如恤了解详情,请参考“不退不换商品”
5. 关于退款详情,请参考“关于退款”



2. 下列情况不接受退货

3. 退货步骤
- 请妥善打包您的包裹,并将填好的“OKVIT退货标签“插入到包裹内
- 收到退货地址后,请在3个营业日内发出您的退货包裹
- 您需确保您的包裹在10个营业日内到达韩国

4. 退款


* 请注意,退款公司显示为KG_INICIS,不是OKVIT。


2)手工制作 & 定制商品


商品页面中标有不退不换的商品,或将同意不退不换作为选项的商品,这样的标注可能使用了韩文,但这种情况下依然不受理退换货。例如: FIona商店的鞋包、katieshop商店的所有商品。


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