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    크리스탈입체나비 금속장식 (4.5*3.5cm)
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      Please contact OKVIT CS Team
      No delivery feecharged for returning defective items.₩2,500delivery fee for returning non-defective items.
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      ENSOEN / 김대원
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      Registration of Online Marketing
      광주 남구 송암로 114 (송하동,대한통운4층)
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      Tel : +82-70-8290-7900
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      Contact OKVIT CS Team >
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How to change email which registed as OKVIT account?
Sorry to tell you that email is not changeable.
If your email is not usable, suggest you create a new account with your new email.
Forget password! How to reset it?
Go to Sign in page

Click the "Forget?" button on right side of password. Enter the requested infromation to get a temporary password by email.

If you forgot your information or didn't find email, please contact OKVIT CS Team to request a temporary password.
What's difference between regular member and wholesale member?
Wholesale member is for company customers. A business license copy is necessary when you apply for the wholesale member.
How to create an OKVIT account?
You will be able to place order after create an OKVIT account.
If you want to create a new account, pelase go to this page


Cancel Items or Orders
You can cancel items or orders that haven't entered the international shipping process contact with OKVIT CS Team.

Information needed to process cancellation >>
1) Order number
2) Items' name which you wish to cancel
3) The reason of cancellation
* If you state the reason of cancellation or the problem, CS Team will be able to give you better suggestion to solve this problem.

After submitting the cancellation, we'll send an email to notice you.

Cancellation Process:
1) Submit cancellation request from customer.
2) Transfer the message to seller.
3) Process cancellation and refund by seller.
4) An email is sent to your email address to notice you that cancellation is completed. You can also confirm that the order was cancelled by visiting "My order" page.

1. Message sent after work will get response on next day.
* OKVIT working time is from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm (Korea Time). Day off on Sat, Sun, Public holiday of Korea.
2. Please give sellers 2~3 business days to process cancellation after submitting request.
3. If shop have shipped out your items, cancellation fee will be charged. For more information about cancellation fee, please refer to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund -"Cancellation Fee".
4. Some items are Non-Refundable. For more information about non-refundable, please refer to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund - "Non-Refundable items"
5. For more information about refunds and refund amounts, go to FAQ - Cancel & Return & Refund - "About Refunds"
Cancellation Fee
What is cancellation fee?
Cancellation Fee is that the losses of Korea domestic shipping fee by reason of customers cancellation request. If shop has shipped items to OKVIT warehouse when they get cancellation request from customer, customer should take responsible for the Korea domestic shipping cost losses.

How to calculate cancellation fee?
Cancellation fee is KRW 5000 (about $4.5) for each shop.
(One shop $4.5, two shops $9, three shops $12.5...)

How cancellation fee is charged?
If charged, cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.
In case shop has not shipped your items or orders, you will get full refund without cancellation fee deducted.

Cancellation fee may be charged in following 2 cases.
1) Before order shipped international, customer requested to cancel orders or items, but items has been shipped by shop.
2) In case of return after customer received items, cancellation fee will be deducted from refund.
About Refunds
▶ Credit card & Union pay refunds process

You will receive refund in 14~30 days after cancellation day.
Amount will be refunded to the payment method you used when order items.
Refund to other card, or left it as a point is not available.

Ⓐ If order payment has deducted from your card, refund will show on the bill of the next month.
Ⓑ If refund is processed by twice, you may receive it separately. In addition, some times, one refund will show on the bill of this month, other one will show on the bill of next month. It depends on the cancellation day.
Ⓒ On your bill, you will see "KG_INICIS" made a refund to you, not OKVIT.
ⓓ Since KRW is the base currency on OKVIT, how much you will receive is based on the exchange rate.

▶ Alipay(支付宝) refunds process
Ⓐ If you used credit or debit card linking with your Alipay, the refund will be back to that card. Depends on your card issuer, it may takes up to 30 days for your refund to appear on your card statement.
Ⓑ If you paid using your Alipay balance, the refund will be back to your Alipay account.
Ⓒ If you paid using both card and your Alipay balance, the amount paid with the card is refunded to that card. The remaining amount will be refunded to your Alipay account.
Exchange an Item
Trade your item for a different size or color is impossible on OKVIT.COM. We suggest you cancel the item you ordered at first and place a new order to purchase the option you liked.

How to cancel ordered item and place a new order?

1) Contact with OKVIT CS Team to cancel the item you ordered.
2) Place a new order with international shipping fee, which is attached automatically.
3) Reply us and request combine new order with original one and international shipping fee refund.

- Note –
- If seller has shipped your item at the moment when OKVIT contact with them, cancellation fee will be charged and it will deducted from your refund. Cancellation fee is $4.5 for each shop.
- When you request exchange option, some of the sellers might have to order items from manufactures once again, which might led to additional 7~10 days shipping delay.
- Option you order may out of stock during the preparing period.
- Non-refundable items, such as customized items, are not exchangeable.
- If the item you wish to exchange is shipped out from OKVIT warehouse or have been received, suggest you return the original item and place a new order.
Non-Refundable Items
Some items are non-refundable because of characteristic itself.

1) Kpop Items
All of kpop items are non-refundable. For some items, cancellations after payment completed are not allowed.
Most of KPOP items are pre-order items. Customer can order items during pre-order period. After pre-order period, shop will begin to produce items according to order list. If you cancel items during producing period, shop cannot sell it to anyone one else because order period ended.

2) Handmade & Customizable Items
Due to personal configuration, inscription, or design on these products, seller is not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the products are damaged or defective upon arrival. Include customizable shoes, customizable clothes, pre-order jewelry and watches, ect.

3) Underwear
Underwear, sock, legggings, stockings are not refundable on OKVIT, but may be refundable.

4) Stated Non-Refundable on Detail Page
For some items, it stated items are non-refundable on detail page. Or set non-refundable as an option, you can find it when add items into cart(It may be in Korean language). In this case, items are non-refundable according to the policy of sellers.

5) Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment
Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment, any return and refund will be not available. In case of return, damaged, wrong items or any issue to let you request a refund, you should make sure that contact us within 5 days.

6) Damaged, defective, signs of use, stains, laundry, applied perfume, repaired, missing tag due to customers mistake
Q. Why my order is cancelled without my permission?
If order is cancelled without your request, it should be caused by following reasons
1) Items on OKVIT are sold by individual sellers. Some of them may order items from manufactures after customer purchased items. But for some items, manufactures may have stopped producing when seller place order. It will led to a cancellation without your permission.
But we will do the best to notice you by email, if seller requested.
2) Battery, frozen food, fragile products or items cannot be shipped by air will be cancelled when OKVIT warehouse check and package your order. We will notice you by email about the reason of cancellation.

Waht should I do if the remaining amount is less than free shipping standard after cancelled?
You don't need to do anything. You will still enjoy free shipping because this problem is caused by provider.
Q. When can I get a refund?
It will take 2~3 weeks to get a refund after cancellation completed.

* Please note that, on your card bill, refund company is KG_INICIS, not OKVIT.
* Refund is processed by each brand seller. If you ordered from 2 sellers and requested to cancel the entire order, you may get refund separately.


1. 工作时间结束后发送的信息,将于下一个工作日上午进行回复。
2. OKVIT受理取消之后,卖家会在2~3个工作日内完成商品取消。
3. 当商店已发货时,将收取取消手续费。如想了解更多取消手续费详情,请参考FAQ-"取消&退货&退款"-“取消手续费”。
4. 部分商品属于订购后不受理退换货、取消的商品,如恤了解详情,请参考“不退不换商品”
5. 关于退款详情,请参考“关于退款”



▶ 信用卡 & 银联卡退款流程


Ⓐ 如果结算时的钱款已从信用卡中扣除,退款将显示在下一个月的账单上。
Ⓑ 如果退款分两次进行,您将分别收到退款。另外,根据退款时间,有时还有可能发生一项退款显示在前一个月的账单上,另一项退款显示在下一个月的订单上。
Ⓒ 在您的信用卡账单上,您会看到“KG_INICIS”给您退款,而不是OKVIT。
ⓓ 韩币是OKVIT结算的基础货币,您获得退款多少收汇率变动影响。

▶ 支付宝退款流程

Ⓐ 如果您使用绑定的信用卡或借记卡结算,退款将退回至绑定的卡上,根据您使用的卡行,到款时间略有不同,最迟30天内钱款到账。
Ⓑ 当使用支付宝余额结账时,退款将直接退至您的支付宝账户。
Ⓒ 如果您同时使用绑定的银行卡和支付宝余额结算,银行卡结算部分退回至银行卡,支付宝结算部分退回至支付宝.



- 当卖家还在备货状态,未发送商品至OKVIT物流中心时,不收取换货手续费。
- 当卖家已发货,将收取换货手续费,手续费每家店5美元。

- 当OKVIT联系商店申请取消原商品时,如卖家已发货,则扣除取消手续费4.5美元后退款。
- 当您申请更换颜色或尺寸时,部分商家需要重新向制作商下单,这有可能导致配送延迟7~10天。
- 更换的尺寸或颜色,在订购后有断货的可能。
- 结算换货手续费后,发现您需要更换的商品已断货,您可以选择获得10美元优惠券以做补偿。
- 不退不换商品,包括定制商品,无法换货。



2)手工制作 & 定制商品


商品页面中标有不退不换的商品,或将同意不退不换作为选项的商品,这样的标注可能使用了韩文,但这种情况下依然不受理退换货。例如: FIona商店的鞋包、katieshop商店的所有商品。




* 退款公司显示为KG_INICIS,不显示OKVIT。
* 退款有可能会分多次到账,由于汇率变动,有可能会导致退款金额与结账金额不一致的情况。


Return Items You Ordered
Items shipped from OKVIT.COM can be returned within 5 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Return Policies:

1. Return Cost
If the reason for return is neither a result of an OKVIT.COM nor seller's error, the cost of return should be at your own expense. Return cost include following two sections:
1) International shipping cost to Korea
2) Cancellation fee of $4.5, which deducted from your refund by each shop.

2. In this case, items are not returnable
1) Damaged, defective, signs of use, stains, laundry, applied perfume, repaired, missing tag
2) Pre-order, custom-made, imported items, some of gold and silver products, earrings, underwear, digital Products, tickets, stated non-refundable on detail page
3) Exceed 5 days of receipt of shipment

3. How to request return?
Contact with OKVIT CS TEAM (Please refer to "How to contact us")

4. What information should be stated on question board?
1) Order number (ex. K190******)
2) Item's name
3) The reason of return
4) Tell us whether agree with return policy above.

After submitting return, we'll send you a confirmation message and you can find it on My page > Message > Answered completion section.
In the meantime, we will check with seller about whether it is returnable.
When get the feedback from seller, we will send an email to notice you the return address and some attentions.

5. Prepare your package for return.
Pack your item securely and insert "OKVIT Return Label" filled out and ship out the parcel.
* You should ship out your return parcel within 3 days from received return address.
* You should make sure that return parcel will arrive at Korea within 10 days from shipped out.
If not, seller have the right to refuse making refund due to item out of season.

6. Reply us with your tracking number.

About the refund:

After the seller has received your item, it can take up to 1~2 weeks for us to receive and process your return.
When shop received your items and confirmed the condition of items are well, we will send you confirmation message and make a refund.

- Note –
International shipping is different from domestic shipping that it takes a long time to deliver to destination. Please understand, if you keeps products a long time, when it shipped back to Korea, seller is impossible to sell it in normal price due to season off. When you wish to return, please take action ASAP.
1) We suggest you inspect all products right away at the time you received parcel, in case item damaged, wrong item shipped, wish to return or other issue. In case exceed return available period, return is not available regardless any reason. We will highly appreciated if you make request of return at the day you received parcel.
2) You should ship out the parcel in 3 business days after we sent the email of return address. After get the confirmation of return submitted, return address will be sent to you within 2 business days generally. If you have a return request, please check your inbox as well as junk box in time in case didn’t find email and miss the return available time.
3) When ship back the parcel, you should make sure it will delivered to Korea in 10 days. In case shipping delays serious, refund might be not available due to item out of season. Suggest you check the shipping speed with express company in advance.
4) Please be care when try on. In case foundation or lip makeup stained the clothing, refund will be refused by seller, especially collar and neck-line.
Received Damaged & Wrong Items
When you receive your order, please inspect your parcel right away.

What should you inspect?
1. Inspect the packaging for damage.
2. Inspect the item for damage after it has been unboxed.
3. Check that the product name and model number match your order confirmation.

When you receive wrong-delivered or damaged item, please contact us right away.

How to contact us?
Sign in your account and click the link to fill in the form
1. Order number (K**********)
2. Item's name
3. A picture of wrong-delivered or defected item (Attach it)
4. Tell us which part of item is damaged or which item is wrong delivered.
* Please note that file attached on email cannot be checked.

Please understand that it's impossible to check the damage or wrong-delivered if the parcel had been delivered exceed 5 days.
Package Missing & Not Delivered
Most of the orders should be shipped out within 1~2 weeks after payment. When your order get into international shipping process, you will be able to find tracking number on My order page.
Please check the shipping status by tracking number in case parcel delivered but you are not aware of it.

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it:

1) Verify the shipping address and phone number.
2) Look for a notice of attempted delivery
3) Check front gate, back gate, deposit box, APT secret guard, front desk or other place where can keep your parcel.
4) See if someone else accepted the delivery as well as roommate, neighborhood.
5) Some packages travel through multiple carriers
6) Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.
7) Wait 36 hours - in rare cases packages may say delivered up to 36 hours prior to arrival

If you still cannot find it anywhere, please contact OKVIT CS Team right away. In the meantime, call express company at your place to let them find parcel for you.

Parcel missing and not delivered is available to submit within 14 days of delivered, according to tracking information on express companies’ homepage. If you cannot find parcel anywhere, you should contact us within 14 days of deliver. In case over 14 days, it is impossible to find delivered parcel, since it has been a long time passed.
Q. Why did not I receive the full shipment?
If some of products you ordered are missing:

1) Some packages are shipped by multi-boxes. One box may be delivered first, and other one may be delivered later. Please check your shipping sheet to find whether it is shipped by multi-boxes.
2) Inspect the packaging box and find whether there is any damage on it. If so, please check whether product is possible to leak out from the damage part. Take a picture on the damage part and send it to us with your order number and item's name.
3) If package box is in good condition, but some of products are missing, please contact us with your order number and item's name right away.

1. 检查包裹的外包装是否有损坏
2. 拆开包裹后,检查商品是否有损坏
3. 检查到货商品是否与订单详情一致


1. 订单编码(K***********)
2. 商品名称
3. 错发或瑕疵商品的照片一张
4. 对瑕疵部位的具体问题说明
* 请注意,如果您选择发送邮件,我们将无法查看照片附件。







2. 下列情况不接受退货

3. 退货步骤
- 请妥善打包您的包裹,并将填好的“OKVIT退货标签“插入到包裹内
- 收到退货地址后,请在3个营业日内发出您的退货包裹
- 您需确保您的包裹在10个营业日内到达韩国

4. 退款


Shipping Process of OKVIT
OKVIT is an open-market located in Korea. All products are sold by individual sellers. But you can shop products of over 2,000 brands and get them by once on our website. Please note, most of items are direct-selling by Korea official mall.

Our shipping process is as below >

Step 1) Purchase
Step 2) Seller begin to prepare items and ship to OKVIT warehouse
Step 3) Wait for all items delivered to OKVIT warehouse
Step 4) Get packaged on OKVIT warehouse and shipped out


1) On the step 2, items you ordered may be cancelld due to out of stock.
2) If you ordered items from 3 brands, and 1 of them shipped your items but other 2 are not, your order will stay on the step 3.
3)When your order is shipped out from OKVIT warehouse, you will be able to find tracking number on My page.
General Shipping Times
※ General Shipping Times

Before international shipping, prepare items and ship to OKVIT warehouse takes 2~10 days. When you get tracking number, it means that your order has been shipped out from OKVIT warehouse. From then on, delivery estimates is based on your location and shipping speed. For more information about it, please refer to "International Shipping Times".

Step 1) Prepare items : 2~7 business days (depends on seller's conditions)
Step 2) Ship to OKVIT warehouse: 2~3 business days
Step 3) Get packaged in OKVIT warehouse: 2 business days
Step 4) International shipping: 2~20 days (depending on local conditions)
* To see estimated shipping times for your region, go to Global Shipping Times.

* Most sellers agree to ship to OKVIT warehouse within 5 business days of your purchase. But in case items you ordered not at stock, we do not exclude the possibility of additional delay.
* When 1 of your items arrived at OKVIT warehouse, order's status will change to "Delivered to OKVIT warehouse". But international shipping will begin after OKVIT warehouse get all of your items on one order.
* In case of Korea Holiday(Chuseok, Lunar New Year, summer vacation and other holidays) shipping delay from shop may occur.

※ KPOP Pre-Order Shipping Time

For KPOP pre-order items, seller will begin to ship items to OKVIT warehouse from the release date. Sometimes, release date will be 1~2 month later than pre-order day. As a result, serious shipping delay is expected. However, please do not worry about your order, it will be in normal process and all of the buyers are waiting for it, the same with you.

OKVIT will post Pre-order item's shipping schedule on Notice page, where you can refer to >

If there is no information caring about, you can contact us to know about the status of your items.

※ Customized item Shipping Time

For customized items, at least 2~3 weeks are necessary for sellers to produce your items. And after payment completed, cancellation will be not available, regardless of the shipping delay.

1) Order may be on hold due to lack of shipping information, include no phone number, incorrect address, etc. In this case, we will notice you by email after your parcel get packaged.
2) Order may be on hold due to additional shipping fee charged. If you didn't pay for additional shipping fee in case ordered items under KPOP, LIFE, hair&body categories, order will be on hold until payment completed.
Global Shipping Times
When you get tracking number, it means that your order has been shipped out from OKVIT warehouse. From then on, delivery estimates is based on your location and shipping speed.

Below is the information about express company and delivery estimates.

USA : Pantos 5~10 business days, DHL 2~3 business days, EMS 5~14 business days
Japan: Rincos 3~5 business days, EMS 5~14 business days
China: EMS 5~14 business days
Taiwan&Hongkong&Macau: SF express: 1~3 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
Singapore: SF express 3~5 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
Malaysia: SF express 4~7 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
Canada: EMS 5~14 business days
Australia: DHL 5~9 business days, EMS 7~15 business days, Pantos 7~14 business days
Europe: DHL 4~7 business days, EMS 7~15 business days
Other countries: DHL 5~7 business days, EMS 7~18 business days, Pantos 7~18 business days

International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which can cause delays in delivery.

Before international shipping, prepare items and ship to OKVIT warehouse takes 2~10 days. If you wish to know more about it, please refer to"General Shipping Times"
Free Shipping Benefit
Free shipping event is going on our website. If order amount is more than free shipping standard, you will be able to enjoy international shipping free benefit.

But for some items, free shipping is limited in 4kg. In case overweight, additional shipping fee will be charged.

※ Completely Free Shipping Categories
In case you just ordered items under the categories of WOMEN, MEN, KID/BABY, cosmetics, ACC/SHOES.
Regardless of the weight, no additional shipping fee will be charged.

※ Free Shipping Limited Categories
In case you just ordered items under the categories of KPOP, LIFE, hair&body, free shipping will be limited in 4KG for each order.
If your parcel's weight is more than 4kg, additional shipping costs would be charged before shipped international.
But if your parcel is less than 4kg, there will be no additional shipping fee charged to you.

Since KPOP and Life items' weight is very different, we can't figure out the weight and fee in advance.
We will notice you whether additional shipping fee is charged after the parcel get measured in OKVIT logistic center.

※ Total amount drops blow to Free Shipping Standard due to Out Of Stock.
Due to out of stock, total amount drops blow to free shipping standard. In this case, you can still enjoy free shipping regardless of total amount.
But if customer requested to cancel some items on order, and it led to total amount drop down, additional shipping fee will be charged.
Notice of Writing Shipping Information
Since your order will be shipped from Korea, the accuracy of your shipping information is important when customs inspection and delivery.

1) Recipient name:
You should use real name(Full Name), which is consistent with your passport. If used nickname or abbreviated name, you might be troubled by customs issue when receive parcel.

2) Phone number & Mobile number
Please enter number only. Not enter symbols or blank.
You should make sure phone number is available for couriers to call you to receive the parcel. If phone number is not available, your parcel will be returned to Korea.

3) Address, city, state
- We suggest you use English to fill in address, city and state information. But in case of China, Taiwan and Japan, Chinese Simplified, Traditional, Japanese is available.
- You should write your shipping address in detail, include Room number and detail shipping address, in case parcel delivered to other place.
- Shipping to POBOX address is impossible.
- If you requested couriers to left parcel ahead of door, you should take full responsibility for any issue occur.

[Non-refundable Notice]

In these cases, customer should take full responsibility of package return or missing. And return and refund will be not available.

- Shipping address is incorrect or not clear, include absence of room number, etc.
- Phone number is incorrect or no answer.
- Package returned due to recipient absence of the addressee.

Please check your shipping information once again after complete payment.
Q. How to change shipping information?
You can change shipping information before order entered international shipping process.
If you want to change shipping information, please contact OKVIT CS Team with the information below>
1) Order number (K************)
2) Shipping information which you want to change.
Include Shipping Address, Zip Code, Recipient Name, Phone number.

If order has been shipped out from OKVIT warehouse, change shipping information is not available.
Q. What should I do when shipping delay?
Seven or more days passed, but items haven't been shipped by seller

Seller will prepare all items you ordered and ship them together to OKVIT warehouse.
But in case one or two items you ordered are out of stock and seller need to order them from manufacture, entire order will be delayed.

You can contact OKVIT CS Team to check which item is delayed and when seller estimate to ship them.

In addition, after get feedback from OKVIT CS Team, you can decide whether cancel the delayed item to let remaining items shipped quickly.
Q. Am I able to select shipment courier?
Unfortunately, customers can not choose certain shipping company.
We provide safe and fast delivery with carefully chosen couriers.
Q. Where to find and how to track your Tracking No. ?
According to destination countries, you may get tracking number of different express, include DHL, EMS and SF express.

Where to find and how to track your Tracking No. ?

[PC version]
Visit My order page and find your order.
You will find tracking number under the "Purchase" button.
Click the tracking number to track it.

* Order get into international shipping process may under International shipping to customer, Delevery completed, Delivery confirmation, Delivery confirmed section.
* Please click tracking number to track it, not click the purchase button.

[Mobile&APP version]
On Mobile and APP, you can find tracking number on "My Order" page.
Click the tracking number(Red color) to track shipping status.
Q. How to make additional shipping fee payment?
Free shipping event is going on our website. But in case of the foods, kpop, hair&body, life items, free shipping is limited in 4kg.
If your order include these items and parcel's weight is more than 4kg, you will get shipping fee request email after parcel get measured.

How to make additional shipping fee payment?
1) Go to "My Order" page
2) Click "Shipping fee requested" section to pay for the additional shipping fee.

***Please note that in case didn't order any free shipping limited item, please do not pay for additional shipping fee. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q. Order status stays in Delivered to OKVIT warehouse and not update for a long time.
You can order various items from different sellers and get them altogether by once to save the international shipping fee.
But the process make it come true is as below >>

1) Customer order various of items from different sellers.
2) All sellers ship items to OKVIT warehouse.
3) Items get packaged and shipped to you from OKVIT warehouse.

You ordered items from different sellers. Some sellers may ship items to warehouse right after you purchased order, but some may need some more time to order items from manufacture.
But shipping status on My order page will change to "Delivered to OKVIT warehouse" at the time first item arrives.

If your order status stays in "Delivered to OKVIT warehouse" for a long time, it means some items are delivered to warehouse, but some are not.

You can contact with OKVIT CS Team to know which item is delayed from seller and when they estimate to ship delayed items.
※ 普通配送所需时间



* 在有货的情况下,大部分商家均保证5个工作日内发货。但在没有现货时,可能会出现配送延迟现象。
* 订单中有一件商品到达物流中心时,订单状态将调整至“配送至物流中心”,然而,国际配送将在OKVIT收齐订单中的所有商品后开始。
* 韩国的节假日(包括中秋、春节、夏季休假和其他节假日)期间有可能出现配送延迟。

※ KPOP预售商品配送日程





美国: Pantos 5~10个工作日、DHL 2~3个工作日、EMS 5~14个工作日
日本:Rincos 3~5个工作日、EMS 5~14个工作日
中国:EMS 5~14个工作日
台湾、香港、澳门:顺丰1~3个工作日、EMS 5~14个工作日、Pantos 5~10个工作日
新加坡:顺丰3~5个工作日、EMS 5~14个工作日、Pantos 5~10个工作日
马来西亚:顺丰4~7个工作日、EMS 5~14个工作日、Pantos 5~10个工作日
加拿大:EMS 5~14个工作日
澳大利亚:DHL 5~9个工作日、EMS 7~15个工作日、Pantos 7~14个工作日
欧洲:DHL 4~7个工作日、EMS 7~15个工作日
其他国家:DHL 5~7个工作日、EMS 7~18个工作日、Pantos 7~18个工作日


※ 完全包邮商品

※ 限重包邮商品


※ 由于部分商品断货导致的总金额不足包邮标准


2)电话号码 & 手机号码

- 建议您用英文填写配送信息,但中国、台湾、日本等国家和地区可以分别使用简体中文、繁体中文和日文。
- 请尽量详细记载您的配送信息,包裹您的房间号码,避免包裹被配送至其他地方。
- PO BOX地址无法配送,请不要使用PO BOX 地址。
- 如果您请求快递员将包裹放在门口,您需对此后发生的任何问题负全责。







- 如果您的原有订单已经进入打包测重环节,无法进行任何捆绑服务。
- KPOP、生活用品等限重4KG的商品有可能被追加额外运费,请慎重操作。
- 我们会一起发送两个订单,如果第一个订单在很早前完成订购,捆绑新订单有可能会导致严重的配送延迟。
Q. How can I add items to original order?
When you want to add some items into the order which payment is completed, try combine service. The process is as below>

1) Make sure that the status of original order isn't get measured.
2) Order the items you liked and make payment with international shipping fee.
3) Contact OKVIT CS Team to request combine original order with the new order. And ask us to make a refund of international shipping fee which attched on the new order.

By this way, we will ship 2 orders together and you will get them by free shipping.

- Once your original order get measured in OKVIT warehouse, combine shipping will be not available.
- Considering free shipping limited in 4kg, combine KPOP and Life items may led to an additional shipping fee charged.
- We will ship 2 orders together. If you place new order long after the original order, combine shipping may led to shipping delay.
Q. How many orders are limited for combine service?
You can combine 3 orders at most.


This is the size chart as a general representation size depending on the brand and design may be slightly different.
Please refer to the detailed description of each item are detailed size.

Women’s Top

KOREA (1) 44 55 55 66 66 77 77
KOREA (2) 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
CHINA 84-86 88-90 92-96 96-98 98-102 106-110 112-116
JAPAN 5 7 9 11 13 15 17
US 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
EU 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
UK 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

Women’s Bottom

KOREA 25 27 29 32 34
CHINA 62A 66A 70A 76A 80A
JAPAN 5 7 9 13 17
US 2 4 6 10 14
EU 34 36 38 42 46
UK 6 8 10 12 14

Women’s Shoes

220 35 21 5 36 2
225 35.5 21.5 5.5 36.5 2.5
230 36 22 6 37 3
235 36.5 22.5 6.5 37.5 3.5
240 37 23 7 38 4
245 37.5 23.5 7.5 38.5 4.5
250 38 24 8 39 5
255 38.5 24.5 8.5 39.5 5.5
260 39 25 9 40 6
265 39.5 25.5 9.5 40.5 6.5
270 40 26 10 41 7

Women’s Shoe Widths

4A 2A B D 2E 4E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide

Men’s Top

KOREA 85 90 95 100 105 110 115
CHINA 84 88 92 96 102 108 114
JAPAN 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
US 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
EU 42 46 48 50 52 54 56
UK 34 36 38 40 42 44 46

Men’s Bottom

KOREA 28 30 32 34 36 38
CHINA 28 30 32 34 36 38
JAPAN 76 81 86 91 96 101
US 34 36 38 40 42 44
EU 44 46 48 50 52 54
UK 34 36 38 40 42 44

Men’s Shoes

245 39 24.5 6.5 39.5 5.5
250 39.5 25 7 40 6
255 40 25.5 7.5 40.5 6.5
260 40.5 26 8 41 7
265 41 26.5 8.5 41.5 7.5
270 41.5 27 9 42 8
275 42 27.5 9.5 42.5 8.5
280 42.5 28 10 43 9
285 43 28.5 10.5 43.5 9.5
290 43.5 29 11 44 10
295 44 29.5 11.5 44.5 10.5
300 44.5 30 12 45 11

Men’s Shoe Widths

2A B D 2E 4E 6E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide

Ring Size

5 5 5 3 4.75 F 1/2
6 6 6 3.5 6 G 1/2
7 7 7 4 7.5 H 1/2
8 8 8 4.5 8 I
9 9 9 5 9.25 J 1/2
10 10 10 5.5 10.25 K 1/2
11 11 11 6 11.25 L
12 12 12 6.5 12.5 M
13 13 13 6.5 13.25 M 1/2
14 14 14 7 14.5 N 1/2
15 15 15 7 15.75 O 1/2
16 16 16 7.5 16.25 P
17 17 17 8 17.5 Q
18 18 18 8.5 19 R
19 19 19 9 19.5 R 1/2
20 20 20 9.5 20.75 S 1/2
21 21 21 10 22 T 1/2
22 22 22 10.5 22.75 U
23 23 23 10.5 24 V
24 24 24 11 24.75 V 1/2
25 25 25 11.5 26 W 1/2
26 26 26 12 27.25 X 1/2

Baby 0-24 Months

US AGE WEIGHT (lbs) LENGTH (inches)
NB Newborn 5-8 Up to 20
3M 0-3 Months 8-12.5 20-23.5
6M 3-6 Months 13-16.5 24-25.5
9M 6-9 Months 17-20.5 26-27.5
12M 9-12 Months 21-23.5 28-30.5
18M 12-18 Months 24-26.5 31-32.5
24M 18-24 Months 27-30 33-34.5

Little Girls 2-6

US AGE WEIGHT (lbs) LENGTH (inches)
2T 2 Years 24-29 33-35
3T 3 Years 29-33 35-38
4T 4 Years 33-37.5 39-41
4 3-4 Years 37.5-42 42-44
5 4-5 Years 42-46 45-47
6 5-6 Years 46-53 48-49
6x 6-7 Years 53-58 50-52

Little Boys 2-7

US AGE WEIGHT (lbs) LENGTH (inches)
2T 2 Years 24-29 33-35
3T 3 Years 29-33 35-38
4T 4 Years 33-37.5 39-41
4 3-4 Years 37.5-42 42-44
5 4-5 Years 42-46 45-47
6 5-6 Years 46-53 48-49
7 6-7 Years 53-58 50-52

Girls 7-16

US AGE WEIGHT (lbs) LENGTH (inches)
7 6-7 Years 51-52 26-27
8 7-8 Years 53-54 27-28.5
10 8-9 Years 55-56 28.5-29.5
12 10-11 Years 57-59 30-31
14 11-12 Years 60-62 31-32
16 12-13 Years 63-64 33-34

Boys 8-20

US AGE WEIGHT (lbs) LENGTH (inches)
8 6-7 Years 51-52 26-27
10 7-8 Years 53-54 27-28.5
12 8-9 Years 55-56 28.5-29.5
14 10-11 Years 57-59 30-31
16 11-12 Years 60-62 31-32
18 12-13 Years 63-64 33-34
20 13-14 Years 65-66 35-36

Refund & Exchange

Exchange & Returns You can cancel orders within 7 days of receiving the items.
Exchange & Returns may not be accepted in the following cases:
1) The item has been damaged/made defective by the customer (except for the package being opened to check the item).
2) The item’s value has been remarkably decreased due to the customer’s usage/consumption.
3) The item’s value has been remarkably decreased due to the time-sensitive nature of the sale, so it cannot be sold again.
4) Unrecoverable liability has been made to the seller due to customization or unique production of items.
If you want to Returns, please contact OKVIT CS Team
Defective Items & Others Inquire to the seller or OKVIT CS Team about refund and repair of defective items.
OKVIT will not be held responsible for compensation for defects caused by sellers’ or manufacturers’ faults.
In case minors purchase without agreement from their legal representatives, they can cancel the purchase contract.
Notice The Item and its contents listed on OKVIT are entered by individual sellers.
OKVIT only provides the trading platforms and systems to facilitate transactions, and is not responsible for it.
If you do not use OKVIT's payment method and make a direct payment with the seller, OKVIT will not be held responsible for any loss
or damages.OKVIT is not responsible for the contents registered in OKVIT
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