Loona official fanclub 'Oribit' 2.0 additional recruitment Date : 2019-09-30
This is manager of Loona's official fan club.

This is an announcement about Loona's official fan club 'Orbit' 2.0 recruitment error service and additional recruitment.

On the last day of recruitment day of Loona's official fan club 'Orbit' 2.0 in September 29th, we found an error that the overseas fankit option has been marked as out of stock earlier than the given ending period.

After we found the problem, we contacted the company, and we found out that in KST, September 29th 4 AM was the day when it had been marked as out of stock due to the excessive concurrent connected user.

We sincerely apologize for this problem.
We decided to open up for those who haven't joined Loona's official fan club 'Orbit' 2.0.

Additional order scheduled as below :

Additional Order Period: Oct 10, 12:00 ~ Oct 11, 12:00 (Korea Time)

Period of validity: 1 year from Oct 1 (Korea Time)

Membership fee : 40,000 won (international shipping fee should be afford by customers)

Official website :

Thank you for your understanding.


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